Power and distribution

The foundation of the electrical architecture is the quality of the wiring. It's a must to guarantee the protection of people, devices, the site and associated activities.


Whether for industrial expertise or for specialized wiring design, rest assured of the high quality of the products and the service offered. 


Remote information transmission, voice, data, text and video. A high quality, borderless communication system that always delivers the speed that meets your needs.

Mining industry

Our tailor-made solutions are suitable for all phases of the mining cycle, operations and site development.

Pulp and paper

The industry of processing plant material into a wide variety of paper and board is a fundamental component of the Canadian and global economy.

Manufacturer of manufacturing equipment

An OEM component can be a part, a subsystem, or software. This allows you to focus on the core competencies of a business.


A key sector of modern industry, the essential manufacture of everyday objects stems from it.


Innovation, technology and development. Space robotics and systems design are challenges of the present.
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